At the top of our organization is God. He is a part of everything we do.  We continually, prayerfully, invite him into every area of our organization.  Each year all church members are invited to Church Conference. They elect members for committees to do the ministry of the church.  Church Council is made up of all the chair persons of the committees (along with a few others) – and is the regular decision-making body of the church. The council reports to Church Conference once a year.  Staff and church members (laypersons) lead individual Committees and Teams.  They make the day-to-day decisions for ministry. The committees and teams report to Church Council once or twice a year.

Church Council

The primary tasks of the Church Council are to:

  • Carry out the business of the annual church conference.
  • Help the congregation articulate its vision.
  • Oversee planning of the congregation and implementation of the church plans.
  • Develop systems that ensure people are received into fellowship, guided and encouraged in their spiritual transformation and growth toward Christ-centered maturity, and supported as they live out their lives as Christian disciples.

(From Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation: Church Council)


  • Chairperson: Dale Lewis
  • Pastor:
  • Member Care: Dean Smith
  • Trustees: AK Smith
  • Staff/Parish: Megan Cole
  • Youth Council: Doug Mantha
  • Finance:
  • Treasurer: Melissa Joneson
  • Finance Secretary: Sue Herrington
  • Lay Member to Annual Conference:

Committees and Teams:

  • Lay Leadership:
  • Worship, Music & Arts: Natalie Cantrell
  • Member Care: Dean Smith
  • Trustees: A.K. Smith
  • Staff Parish: Jeff Smith & John Marshall
  • Finance:
  • Adult Education: Doug Mantha
  • Children’s Education:
  • Celebration Garden: Frank & Lois Duiven
  • Memorial Committee: Lois Duiven
  • Safety Team: Doug Mantha